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"We don't usually think of faders having great sound. But with Console 1 Fader, you do have a sound.... "


In the first part of the interview with Todd Urban (Softube Product Educator, Multi-Instrumentalist and Engineer), we will discuss a number of important topics concerning both Console 1 and Console 1 Fader. We will take a closer look at these devices from both the technical and functional side. We will talk about the backstage of the creation of Console 1 Fader, the second member of the family of the hybrid hardware/software mixing system from Softube. 


We will learn about its beginnings, discuss its functions and applications. It will be a very informative and full of technical details conversation.


There will be no lack of difficult questions, both from users and potential customers.

We will also talk about all the extension channel strips for Console 1 available today and the methodology of working with them......

M o r e  R e c e n t  A r t i c l e s

  • Scott%2520Atkins%2520-%2520Pic%252019_ed



    Talking to Scott Atkins about working on a very special re-release of Cradle Of Filth's, Cruelty And The Beast album, about Scott's collaboration with Colin Richardson and Daniel Bergstrand on the 2009 Behemoth'sopus, Evengelion. 

    About the concepts for the sound of the latest Vader album, modern mixing and mastering techniques,

    In The Box and VST plugins....

  • StudioKnowledgeMagazine-17.jpg


    Interview - Part 1

    Talking to Joe Chiccarelli about the albums, decisions and choices that led him to where he is today.

    From his first days in the recording studio, through his extraordinary collaboration with Frank Zappa on his unusual half-live, half-studio  piece, Sheik Yerbouti, to working with Jack White and The White Stripes, with a particular emphasis on the Icky Thump album....

  • 5746082_l.JPG



    Talking to Darrell Thorp about 

    working with Beck, about what's 

    unusual in being in the studio with Radiohead, about plugins, equipment and technology, as well as the latest album from Roger Waters, and what was the key element to achieving this classic

    Hip Hop sound on Jay-Z's Black Album.... 

  • Steve-SAE.jpeg



    Talking to Steve Belgrave about the tools of a sound designer, about Steve's unusual collaboration with Morgan Freeman, working with The Rolling Stones, about summing mixers, favorite plugins. Also about his unusual collaboration with Costa Coffee, who asked Steve to help define the technology, customer experience and branding for their unique coffee machine....

  • McQuillin%20Voicing%20%234%20003_edited.


    Interview - Part 3

    In the third and final part of the interview with Norman Varney, we will go deeper into room acoustics and talk about issues like, how to adapt the ideal mastering studio, we will talk about the relationship between listening monitors and room adaptation. There will also be issues related to monitors and room calibration, home studio, vst reverb's and modern technology....

  • NV%20impact%20rig_edited.jpg


    Interview - Part 2

    In the second part of the interview with Norman Varney we will take a closer look at Norman's biography, look back to his first steps in the industry, find out the reasons why he decided to deal with the acoustic adaptation of rooms. We'll talk more about his company and products, we'll also talk more about designing the perfect recording and production studio envirnoment....

  • NV at Tower.JPG


    Interview - Part 1

    With Norman Varney, we will talk about why acoustic adaptation of rooms is so important. we will consider whether each room can be adapted to the needs of working with sound. We will also talk about the sound itself, its properties, the materials used to shape it, and how knowledge of acoustics influences the perception of music in everyday life....

  • Al Schmitt - Pic 2.jpg


    Interview - Part 2

    In the second part of the interview with Al Schmitt we will  talk about today's music, full of compression and lack of dynamics. We will talk about his path to the Grammy Awards, the art of catching the "right moment" in the studio, we will also meet those who unfortunately are no longer among us.... Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, and the king, Elvis Presley....

  • IMG_0016.JPG


    Interview - Part 1

    With Al Schmitt about pre-production, recording techniques, eqing, microphones, equalizers and other studio equipment, the work ethos, the most memorable recording sessions, and his extraordinary life behind the console....

  • daniel3_edited_edited.jpg

    DANIEL WEISS - Interview

    With Daniel Weiss about the sound of digital, technology, the history of Weiss Engineering, brand new LIVEBOX solution, and the extraordinary native version of WEISS DS1-MK3, which was created by the well-known and respected SOFTUBE Company with the close involvement of Daniel himself...  

  • v1 Tube-Tech Mk II Demo_edited_edited_ed


    Interview - Part 2 

    In the second part of the interview with George Reece we will find out what changes await us in the Mk II version of a very successful Softube Tube-Tech collection, but most of all we will talk about a great, native carnation of one of the best mastering processors in the world, the WEISS DS1-MK3... 

  • C1 Introduction.00_00_17_17_edited.jpg


    Interview - Part 1 

    With George Reece from Softube about TAPE, HARMONICS, CONSOLE 1,Rent to own system, Flemming Rasmussen and the emulation of his classic Metallica's recording desk, as well as about what distinguishes Softube products from other plugins on the market...

  • Mitch Gallagher ES-275 1.jpg


    Interview - Part 2 

    Today, the second part of the interview with Mitch Gallagher.  

    A man who devoted his life to music... And today there will be a lot about music, because we will talk about his latest EP entitled Foundation. We will talk about the details of the recording sessions... We will also visit his home studio and check what equipment he uses for daily basis... 

  • MG.Foundation.4.jpg


    Foundation EP - Review 

    There are albums that we discover at least a few times in our lives. Records that accompany us, grown with us and change with us. Albums that can sound different depending on the moment of life we are currently in... Today a review of such an album. A little album that turned out to be a big challenge…

  • Mitch Gallagher Les Paul.jpg


    Interview - Part 1

    Today, the first part of the conversation with Mitch Gallagher, great musician, editor and composer. We will talk about the beginnings of his professional career, first choices, passions, NARAS (Grammy) Award, his first book, studio gear and of course Sweetwater Sound Inc...

  • Luca Capozzi - 1.jpg



    With Luca Cappozi, CEO of Audiority, about In The Box environment, programming methods and what distinguishes Audiority from other plugins available on the market... If you are plugin geek, or just want to learn more about Audiority products, make sure to read this interview...

  • _G0A9578.jpeg

    IRKO -


    With IRKO, we will talk about living behind the console. About tasks, goals and challenges of an audio engineer. About his deep love for Hip Hop music, home recording, studio gear, his pristine production quality and the unusual sound of bass and high frequencies, which are his hallmarks...

  • John Oram - Photo 1.jpg


    Interview - Part 1

    John Oram is a man who designed fantastic equipment for both Vox and Trident. His designs have been nominated for 23 Technical Excellence & Creativity awards, winning some along the way. He knows the world that fascinates many of us. And I will ask him about this world today...

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My Name is Adrian Lucas Witaszczyk and I am the Founder of Studio Knowledge Magazine.


After several years spent with music, whether on stage, in the classroom, in the theater or in the studio. I chose to move forward and start to write about music as best as I can. To share my experience, my knowledge and all of this what I know about composing, recording and production of music...

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Interview is not only a conversation but also a form of art. It is a form of the highest respect and the most sincere interest in the other person...

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