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  • Luca Capozzi Interview:

    "Support is the key for being recognized as a good or bad software company..."

    With Luca Cappozi, CEO of Audiority, about In The Box environment, programming methods, analog gear and what distinguishes Audiority from other plugins available on the market... If you are plugin geek, or just want to learn more about Audiority products, make sure to read this interview...

    Luca Capozzi - 1.jpg
  • Mitch Gallagher Interview part 1:

    "Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking they have to wait for better gear before they make music..."

    Today, the first part of the conversation with Mitch Gallagher, great musician, editor and composer. We will talk about the beginnings of his professional career, first choices, passions, NARAS (Grammy) Award, his first book, studio gear and of course Sweetwater Sound Inc...

    Mitch Gallagher Les Paul.jpg
  • IRKO Interview:

    "There is no failures, 

    there is chances to learn!"

    With IRKO, about living behind the console. About tasks, goals and challenges of an audio engineer. About his deep love for Hip Hop music, home recording, studio gear, his pristine production quality and the unusual sound of bass and high frequencies, which are his hallmarks...

  • John W Oram Interview Part 1: 

    "If you're going to design equipment for music, you should really be a musician..."

    John Oram is a man who designed fantastic equipment for both Vox and Trident. His designs have been nominated for 23 Technical Excellence & Creativity awards, winning some along the way. He knows the world that fascinates many of us. And I will ask him about this world today...

    John Oram - Photo 1.jpg
  • Julien Jeudy Interview: 

    "the amps currently sold in stores are often disappointing..."

    Julien Jeudy, founder of Jeudy Amplification, is a man who drew my attention thanks to a very interesting custom made amplifier. His BlackTweed Reverb has become an excuse to talk about the process of construction, sound, technology and everything that concerns amplifiers.

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