The so-called harsh frequences are a challenge for any mix or mastering engineer today.


How disastrous influence they have on the sound of the whole production will be understood by everyone who at least once put the analog and digital mix next to each other. 


Especially during mastering session, where we usually work on multi-track sources, it quickly turns out that what might seem to be a relatively simple task, turns into a tedious, surgical work, which nobody wants and does not like to do. 


And that's where the Brainworx engineers come to the fore...


Do this plugin make a difference? In my opinion, yes, a huge difference! Try it and you will definitely fell in love with it. Bx Refinement is an example of how the digital environment can cooperate with the world of analog. How great results can a skillful combination of these worlds bring and how much such a combination can make life easier.





To be honest, I don't find many drawbacks in this plugin. However, from a journalistic obligation I will try to list here both those things that could be improved in a future update, as well as things that for some users can be seen on the side of cons. 


User interface - Although quite simple, especially at first contact it can cause confusion.


By the appearance of the interface, the plug-in can initially be treated as another semi-professional one knob toy. 


It is easy to exaggerate with it and suck the dynamics from the path being processed, from the signal passing through it. 

Brainworx could also think about adding the possibility of choosing the range in which the plugin works. 

That's where my cons list ends. As you can see, these aren't serious things that would affect the effectiveness, overall quality or pleasure of using the plugin. 


Everything Else!



In Summary


Bx Refinement It's a kind of plugin that you appreciate with time. When you use it regularly, you will appreciate it more and more.


In practice, it looks like this.... You are waiting for a discount flash sale, buying it and thinking, Ok, this little thing may be useful here and there... Once you have it, you start using it and then you really start to understand what a great tool you have in your collection now! 


First you try it on overheads, you try it on high hat but gradually you start to test its capabilities also on electric guitars and vocals. As a result of these tests, Bx Refinement lends also on drum bus and mixbus. you tweak more, listen and start smiling. After few seconds all these unpleasant harsh frequencies are very musically tamed and everything just sounds like it should have sounded from the beginning. You finish the project with the feeling of a well done job. 

That's what this plugin is like and that's why it starts the series.


Yes, Bx Refinement is a kind of life-saving plugin. Of course, as always, everything depends on the project and the tracks we have at our disposal, but to put it briefly, yes, this is just such a plugin. 

O plugin Alliance być może na koniec ???