What you will find here is many interesting and unique features not only for composers...

Never before was knowledge presented in such an interesting, full, academic and yet accessible way...

The tools of modern composer

The composer of the twenty-first century has many powerful tools that will greatly facilitate his work. Here we will describe these tools.

We will show you how to master the digital room of today's modern composer. From the notation software, through various dgital arrangers to many wonderful libraries of sounds and instruments that allows you to transform every project studio into a huge virtual orchestral scene.

Working on 


What is important when working on soundtrack?
How does this work really look like?

In this chapter we move stright into the heart of the process of creating a soundtrack. 

Inside the themes from the movies

Detailed analysis of known and appreciated soundtracks presented from the viewpoint of the composer and musicologist. We will take a look at their creation process, talk about their role in the film and discuss their significance for the final reception of the movie.

Anatomy of a genius 

Great creators, composers, musicians, how were they really?