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"We don't usually think of faders having great sound. But with Console 1 Fader, you do have a sound.... "


In the first part of the interview with Todd Urban (Softube Product Educator, Multi-Instrumentalist and Engineer), we will discuss a number of important topics concerning both Console 1 and Console 1 Fader. We will take a closer look at these devices from both the technical and functional side. We will talk about the backstage of the creation of Console 1 Fader, the second member of the family of the hybrid hardware/software mixing system from Softube. 


We will learn about its beginnings, discuss its functions and applications. It will be a very informative and full of technical details conversation.


There will be no lack of difficult questions, both from users and potential customers.

We will also talk about all the extension channel strips for Console 1 available today and the methodology of working with them......

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Meet The Founder

My Name is Adrian Lucas Witaszczyk and I am the Founder of Studio Knowledge Magazine.


After several years spent with music, whether on stage, in the classroom, in the theater or in the studio. I chose to move forward and start to write about music as best as I can. To share my experience, my knowledge and all of this what I know about composing, recording and production of music...

F i n d  O u t  M o r e  W i t h  O u r  A b s o r b i n g  I n t e r v i e w s

...and the voice

goes to... 

Meet passionate people of music, studio gear and sound production 

Conversation can teach, entertain...

can level the distance... It can change the mood of the people invloved.  

It have the power to turn a stranger into a friend... 


Interview is not only a conversation but also a form of art. It is a form of the highest respect and the most sincere interest in the other person...

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Albums under our musical microscope

our extensive reviews of not only new, well-known and widely popular albums... 

Facing the hardware

Here you will find our detailed and definitive hardware reviews... What to choose? What to invest? Get to know our point of view...

Facing the software

Here you will find our detailed software reviews. Reviews that will show you how it really is... which will give you a clear answer if the software is worth your effort, time and money. 

D i s c o v e r  A l l  T h e  S e c r e t s  O f  S t u d i o  K n o w l e d g e  M a g a z i n e

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