My mission as a journalist was always the widest possible description of analog studio equipment, plugins, history of the phonographic industry, existing and non-existent recording studios, and issues in the field of production and post-production of sound.


In relation to the high reliability and the educational nature of the content of my articles,

I would like to ask you to 

As I wrote before, I always try to make my articles as reliable and professional as possible and to contain a lot of strictly technical information. That they would teach and develop my readers.


I became interested in API a few years ago. I discovered your EQ's  gradually, I got know their sound, their character... Today, I truly love your gear. I thoroughly studied their schemes, the company's history,

I traveled the world testing various revisions and models of API hardware...


Anyway,  You know, it's hard to describe my relationship with your equalizers in a few words (especially if someone loves to write)


I am currently working on a huge article about the API, your history, the equipment and the unusual (especially today) customer care and service. I hope that for my readers it will be a unique reading that will contribute to even greater expansion of your fan base and company, which in my the region, despite everything seems to be less popular than SSL or Neve.